Le ft - a family owned boutique winery situated in Paarl, South Africa,
with conditions (terroir) ideally suited to fine red wine, especially Shiraz.
Acquired early in 2005, the farm has undergone extensive renovation and rejuvenation.
The majority of the harvest from the 12 hectares under vines is being sold to others
with a limited quantity of boutique wine being produced on the farm in a newly
erected cellar (Shiraz from 2005, with Chenin, Bubbly and others to follow).

The Ernstzen family (Trevor, Joan, Kyle and Jethro) as owners are extensively
involved in all aspects of viticulture and viniculture - hand picking, modern methods,
quality material and temperature control ensures meticulous quality.

Le ft Wine Estate
PO Box 156
Paarl, 7622
mobile (+27) (0) 835611555

FARM is for SALE ! - contact Owner